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How do I book my tattoo?
To be considered for an appointment, check the homepage. If the bookings are open you can fill in the formulary with your idea. 
Keep in mind that, as there are limited spaces available, not all tattoo ideas will be selected or accepted. I’ll give preference to ideas that match my style : )
I really wish I could tattoo everyone, thanks for understanding ♡

How much is a tattoo?
The starting price is 1500kr. From there, it depends on the details, size in cm and placement.
I can give you the exact price after the design is ready and after we choose the final size and placement during your appointment.
If you’d like to have a better idea of how much your tattoo would cost before booking, send us an email describing the idea with size in cm., placement and reference image.
Check this Price List for more details.

 What is the minimum age to get a tattoo?
I tattoo only people who are 18 years old or older. Even with parents’ approval.

Can I bring a company to my appointment?
You should come alone to your tattoo session, unless it’s matching tattoos or if you have previously booked a time for two or more people.

If you really need someone to accompany you, please let us know in advance and bring maximum one person.


 Can I bring a baby or children to the studio?
Only adults are permitted in the studio as a tattoo studio environment is not safe for kids.
It’s not recommended to bring babies or children to a tattoo studio as they can not be in the tattoo area nor stay unattended in the reception. It can also be distracting for the tattoo artists and the clients, affecting the tattoo session quality.

Please, keep in mind that our reception is open to the tattoo area and does not have enough space for a stroller.

 Can I bring pets to the studio?
Unfortunately, bringing pets to our tattoo studio is not allowed as we need to follow the Swedish Health Authority guidelines to avoid risks of infection. The tattoo studio environment is not safe for pets either 🙂
We can make exceptions for Service Dogs, but we kindly ask you to let us know in advance, so we can prepare the studio in case we have clients or artists with allergy.

 What is the size of the tattoos I can make in a drop-in?
The drop-in is for small tattoos only. Simple design around max 5cm, or a bit bigger if it’s not so detailed. The whole tattoo process should take less than one hour.
You can email your ideas to check if they are okay for a drop-in: tattoo@vickyink.com

 Can I make more than one tattoo in a drop-in?
Yes, if they are small, simple (not so detailed) and take less than one hour to make.
You can email your ideas to check if they are okay for a drop-in: tattoo@vickyink.com

 What are the prices of the drop-in?
It’s the same price as in a normal appointment. As the drop-in is for small tattoos only, it should cost around 1500-3000kr. The exact price depends on the design, size and placement.
Check this list with approximate prices.

 Is it difficult to get a spot?
Each drop-in day is different and it’s hard to say how it goes. That’s why I recommend clients to get to the studio as early as the drop-in starts to get a good spot in the queue : )

NOTE: Even when we close the drop-in line, at 15:00,  we usually keep tattooing a bit longer than that to be able to tattoo everybody that got in the queue ^^
If you are in the queue, we’ll inform you of how everything will be.

 When should I cancel my tattoo appointment?
A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments. Any appointment missed, late cancelled, or changed without 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to the tattoo starting price, 1500kr.

Note: If a cancellation is due to circumstances beyond any of our control, such as power outage, unfortunate incident, or weather that requires you or us to have to cancel or be closed during business hours, we will reschedule your existing appointment and no discount or charges will apply.

→ Read the full cancellation policy.

 How do I cancel or reschedule my tattoo appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so by using the links at the end of the confirmation email you’ve received.
If you can’t find it, just write an email to tattoo@vickyink.com.

 How to prepare for a tattoo appointment?
Make sure you eat properly before your appointment; you can bring some snacks if you want.
Have a good night’s sleep and don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before getting your tattoo. Also, no drugs! Keep reading good tips on this page.

 During the tattoo appointment
I’ve noticed that many of you come to make the first tattoo with me, so you can read more on this page and get to know how the process of getting a tattoo is like ; )

 How do I take care of my tattoo?
After your appointment, I’ll explain to you how to take care of your tattoo.
You can also check these aftercare instructions.

: According to our Aftercare Instructions, you’ll have to avoid sun, sauna and bathing/swimming for at least 4 weeks after getting tattooed. If you’re not able to follow these guidelines, we’d ask you to postpone your tattoo. Let us know and we’ll help you!

 Should I retouch my tattoo?
Not all tattoos need to be retouched. If, after a couple of months healed, you feel like you want to get some touch ups in your tattoo, let me know and we can book a time.

 How much does the retouch cost?
The first retouch is usually free of charge. You should notice that your tattoo needs retouch as soon as it heals, around one or two months, that’s when you should contact me for us to book a touch up.
Read more about Touch-ups.

 How does it work?
You can buy gift cards to be used at drop-ins or bookings.

 How much does it cost?
The starting price for Gift Cards is 500kr and the payment is made with Swish only. Please, keep in mind that the starting price at the studio is 1500kr.
The gift card is valid for tattoos only. It can not be exchanged for cashback.

 For how long is it valid?
The gift card comes with a purchase date and it will be valid for 2 years from that date.
NOTE: I reserve the right to tattoo in my style.

How do I buy a Gift Card?
Just go to the link below and apply to buy a gift card from me:

💝 Gift Card application

 When do I get to see my design?
When you come for your appointment, we’ll talk about your idea and I’ll draw based on it, during your appointment. You can ask for changes if you want  ; )

 Do you do cover-ups tattoos?
I don’t do cover-up tattoos or continue other people’s tattoo.

 What are the areas you do not tattoo?
I usually don’t tattoo areas like in between fingers, inside the hand, under the foot, inside the mouth, etc.
Please, email us at tattoo@vickyink.com if you would like a consultation.

Hygiene is the basic requirement for a great tattoo experience and good results. Beehive Tattoo Studio is approved by the Swedish Health Authority.

 Is there any hygiene measures that I, as a client, should think about before the appointment?
Yes ^^
You should take a shower and wear clean clothes to your appointment, decreasing the risk of infection. Also, disinfect your hands when arriving at the studio.
I also like to remind people not to sit nor put their belongings on the floor in the tattoo area.
If you’re feeling sick you should stay at home.

 How is the hygiene process during the tattoo?
Every surface in the tattoo area is thoroughly clean before and after each tattoo. All the surfaces must be covered in plastic protection which will be discarted after the session.
I’ll also clean and prepare your skin and guide you throughout the whole process.

 Are the tattoo materials disposable?
Yes, all material used during your tattoo session are disposable and every surface must be clean and covered with disposable protection.

 How to avoid infections after I leave the studio?
You’ll leave the studio with your tattoo protected. After that, you should follow the aftercare instructions.
I’ll explain how to take care of your tattoo after our session and you’ll also receive it in the email.

 Which ink do you use?
At the moment, I use UNB (Union Black) from Dynamic Color Co.
Dynamic Color Co is compliant with all EU quality standards and is also vegan friendly, you can read more about it on their website.

 What should I do in case of reaction?
The ink used contains nickel and chromium which may cause an allergic reaction depending on the person’s sensitivity to the pigment or color.

If you have any allergic reaction or infection in the tattoo area, please contact your doctor and let me know about it.


If you go by subway, drop off at Rådhuset station (blue line) and follow the exit “Kungsholmsgatan“.

It is also about 15 minutes walking distance from T-Centralen.

Drop-in queue

 We’ve sent you an email with your queue number. You’re able to follow how the queue is going by checking the current number tattooing at the studio.

When it’s closer to your time come back to the studio, we’ll contact you. Keep an eye on your email ; )

 Please wait for our contact before coming back to the studio, even if your number is the next one.

 Keep in mind that the session for each tattoo is different, so please reserve some time to your session as we can’t predict how long is the waiting. 
The drop-in line closes at 15:00 but we usually keep tattooing a bit longer than that to be able to tattoo everybody ^^

NOTE: If you need to leave the queue please, let us in advance so we can move up to the next person.

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

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I’m happy you want to get tattooed by me ^^

 When the bookings are open, a formulary will be available on the homepage.

 Fill out the form with your tattoo ideas!

 Please, note that the form will be available only during the weekend announced.

 I’ll go through all the ideas and everybody will get an answer on the following days. Those who are selected will receive a link with the spots available to book.

 Add tattoo@vickyink.com to your contacts not to get it as a spam.

 Keep in mind that, due to limited spaces available, only some of the tattoo projects can be selected and I‘ll give preference to ideas that match my style.
Thanks for understanding! ♡

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

Read also my FAQ

Drop-in Guidelines

Please, read carefully:
I’m taking drop-ins for small tattoos only on the days and time announced (simple design up to around 5 cm);

Keep in mind that drop-ins have limited spots for those who arrive first;

 NOTE: I’ll talk to you during the session and draw your tattoo, but we ask you to come with the idea and placement already decided for the drop-in.

When you arrive at the studio, show us your tattoo idea and leave your contact information.

Then, we‘ll send you an email with your number in the queue and you’ll be able to follow how the queue is going on the website;

When it’s your time to come back we’ll contact you;

While waiting for your turn, take a nice walk or have a coffee nearby :)

Come alone.

We have a no-children and no-pets policy at the studio.

Sanitise your hands when you arrive.

Stay home if you are feeling sick.

Start price: 1500kr.

Read also my FAQ


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