I will give you the instructions on how to take care of your tattoo during the appointment, after we finish our tattoo session. Here are some extra tips and reminders about the aftercare:

A fresh tattoo is like a wound. When you leave the studio, your tattoo will be protected with plastic film and you should keep it for at least 3 hours, but no more than 6-7 hours. If you think it’s necessary, you can protect it with plastic again only for the first night.
Do not keep using plastic in the following days, so your tattoo gets to breath.

Second Skin: If you are using the second skin protection instead, you can leave it 3-5 days and shower normally without scrubbing the area.
NOTE: Do not swim or bathe, even with the second skin, until your tattoo is healed.

If, for any reason, the second skin starts to peel off and you notice that something (such as air, water or blood) can get in or out the second skin, remove it at once and follow the aftercare.

To remove the second skin, make sure to drag the second skin by stretching it, following your body instead of ripping it off to the opposite direction. It might be that your skin gets a bit irritated and red in the area where you had the second skin, but this should disappear in a few days : )

You should always wash your hands before touching the tattoo to avoid infection caused by dirty hands and always after touching your tattoo, for the sake of other people.

If another person is helping you to apply the cream, they must take extra care with washing their hands. They should not touch your tattoo if they have scratches or wounds on their hands, unless they use disposable gloves.


Remove the plastic protection and wash it with water and mild soap. The most important is to keep your tattoo clean ; )
In the first few days, dry your tattoo with a paper towel instead of a fabric towel (do not use toilet paper). You should tap the paper towel gently over the tattoo to absorb the water – do not rub the fresh tattoo.


From the second day on, wash your tattoo 2 times a day and apply a thin layer of healing cream when your tattoo feels dry (4-5 times a day), just enough to keep it moisturised until it heals.
You’ll should use only healing creams. In Sweden, you can buy Bepanthen Salva or Helosan, otherwise ask for tattoo healing cream in any drugstore.
Remember not to use regular moisturiser or sunscreen on a healing tattoo as this can cause infections.

You should also avoid sun, sauna, bathing/swimming and dirty surroundings until the tattoo heals completely. The healing time may be different for each person but, usually, it’s around 4 weeks.

During the first week, you should avoid strong physical activity, like sports or exercising at the gym. Your body needs to focus on healing the tattoo so don’t overwork it, otherwise you can get sick and the tattoo can take longer to heal.

While healing, you might feel the tattoo itching. You can try tapping it lightly, with clean hands, to ease the sensation, but do not scratch it nor remove scabs.

After getting tattooed, you should not get laser hair removal directly on the tattoo. This process can cause pain, seriously damaging the tattoo and your skin, which can leave a permanent scar. If you decide to get laser removal, make sure your tattoo is fully covered during the procedure.


If you go by subway, drop off at Rådhuset station (blue line) and follow the exit “Kungsholmsgatan“.

It is also about 15 minutes walking distance from T-Centralen.

Drop-in queue

 We’ve sent you an email with your queue number. You’re able to follow how the queue is going by checking the current number tattooing at the studio.

When it’s closer to your time come back to the studio, we’ll contact you. Keep an eye on your email ; )

 Please wait for our contact before coming back to the studio, even if your number is the next one.

 Keep in mind that the session for each tattoo is different, so please reserve some time to your session as we can’t predict how long is the waiting. 
The drop-in line closes at 15:00 but we usually keep tattooing a bit longer than that to be able to tattoo everybody ^^

NOTE: If you need to leave the queue please, let us in advance so we can move up to the next person.

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

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I’m happy you want to get tattooed by me ^^

 When the bookings are open, a formulary will be available on the homepage.

 Fill out the form with your tattoo ideas!

 Please, note that the form will be available only during the weekend announced.

 I’ll go through all the ideas and everybody will get an answer on the following days. Those who are selected will receive a link with the spots available to book.

 Add to your contacts not to get it as a spam.

 Keep in mind that, due to limited spaces available, only some of the tattoo projects can be selected and I‘ll give preference to ideas that match my style.
Thanks for understanding! ♡

Thank you!
Vicky 🐝

Read also my FAQ

Drop-in Guidelines

Please, read carefully:
I’m taking drop-ins for small tattoos only on the days and time announced (simple design up to around 5 cm);

Keep in mind that drop-ins have limited spots for those who arrive first;

 NOTE: I’ll talk to you during the session and draw your tattoo, but we ask you to come with the idea and placement already decided for the drop-in.

When you arrive at the studio, show us your tattoo idea and leave your contact information.

Then, we‘ll send you an email with your number in the queue and you’ll be able to follow how the queue is going on the website;

When it’s your time to come back we’ll contact you;

While waiting for your turn, take a nice walk or have a coffee nearby :)

Come alone.

We have a no-children and no-pets policy at the studio.

Sanitise your hands when you arrive.

Stay home if you are feeling sick.

Start price: 1500kr.

Read also my FAQ


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